Electronic Security

Access Control, Surveillance, Asset Management


Information Technology

Audio Communications, Video Communications, Wireless Networking, Inbuilding and Mobile Connectivity

Analytics Technology

Business Intelligence, Retail Analytics, Facial Recognition, License Plate Identification, Object Identification

About US

As a Managed Security Technology Service Provider (not just a Managed Security Service Provider),

we are experts in both security and technology.


High Caliber, Not High Cost, Solutions:

We utilize your existing infrastructure and hardware when possible, maximizing your existing investments.


Diligent & Resourceful Planning:

We’ve rewritten the playbook for physical security to deliver integrated, cohesive systems that are functional and future-proof.


Measured Customer Success:

We identify and mitigate potential security risks quickly – even before you are aware of them, and ensure 24/7 support with offices in New York and Manila.

We invest the time to understand your requirements and design the right plan, so we get it right the first time, on time. 

Gregory Keeling – CEO, NYSS, Inc.






Video Devices


Access Controlled Points



What We Do

Program Management​

Provide Planning, budgeting, development of growth strategies, standards, and best practices while maintaining respect for your organization’s vision.

Project Management​

Enforce your standards, keep multiple trades in sync, educate your team and deliver your projects turn-key


Provide Floor Plans, Risers, Coordination Drawings, Elevations, Heat Loads, Heat Maps, Programming Guides, Wiring Diagrams, Door/ Hardware Schedules, and Network Topology


Work with installation teams around the globe who align with our vision in order to supply and install your solution.


Respond to service requests, dispatch technicians, manage warranty repairs, replace equipment, repair equipment, refurbish equipment, track inventory, and identify valuable metrics like rate of failure, problem sites.

Managed Services

Monitor, configure, optimize, troubleshoot, track/restore outages, apply patches, perform updates, schedule shutdowns, and administrate your systems.

We’ve rewritten the playbook for physical security – reach out today to get started

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Why We Do It

In the Security Industry, every Integrator says they are not your typical Integrator – that they pay attention to details, expertly service their customers, and conduct business in the best interest of the client. At NYSS – these aren’t just words. This is precisely how we operate, and we have the customers and track record to prove it.

The implementation process is just as critical as the technology

We focus on delivering cohesive, integrated solutions that are implemented on time and on budget. We create standards and processes to support and manage your security technology so that you can spend more time focused on your business

We are more than a Managed Service Provider (MSP). We’re a Managed Security Technology Provider (MSTP).

We deeply understand technology as well as security. As such, we leverage our keen understanding of technology to develop solutions that best fit your organization, operations, and customers. If you like your technology, we’ll do our best to make it serve you better. If you are ready to make a change, we will not only provide the right solutions but do our best to use your existing infrastructure.

We live by our ethics:

We feel a responsibility in educating our clients on the ethical sourcing of products. We do not support technology companies that actively engage in human rights violations. We are also conscious of your respect for the environment, and in turn, we will evaluate, refurbish, donate, and recycle your hardware on your behalf.

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162-38 Pidgeon Meadow Road
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Monday through Friday.

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Emergency Service is available outside the primary hours of operation for all clients.

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