Why We Do It

In the Security Industry, every Integrator says they are not your typical Integrator – that they pay attention to the details, and conduct business in the best interest of the client. At NYSS – these aren’t just words – it is precisely how we operate and what we believe.

We understand that the process under which your technology is implemented and managed is just as necessary as the technology itself, and in turn, we create standards and develop processes for your organization. We understand that our job is to support and manage your security technology so that you can concentrate on developing and running your organization.

We are a Managed Security Technology Provider (MSTP) rather than a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

We listen to your needs, leverage our keen understanding of technology, and develop solutions that best fit your organization. If you like your technology, we will do our best to make it serve you better, if you feel you are ready to try something new we will not only provide it but try our very best to do it using your existing infrastructure.

why we do it

Our Quality of Life Solutions & Services – unique in the industry – leverages your existing technology to help you better understand your operations and customers, by utilizing various analytics we assist you in making better business decisions.


We feel a responsibility in educating our clients on ethical sourcing of products, and we do our best not to support technology companies that actively engage in human rights violations. We are also conscious of your respect for the environment, and in turn, we will evaluate, refurbish, donate, and recycle your hardware on your behalf.


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