What We Do

  • Program Management​

We Provide Planning, budgeting, development of growth strategies, standards and best practices while maintaining respect for your organizations vision.

  • Project Management​

We enforce your standards, keep multiple trades in sync, educate your team and deliver your projects turn-key

  • Design

We provide Floor Plans, Risers, Coordination Drawings, Elevations, Heat Loads, Heat Maps, Programming Guides, Wiring Diagrams, Door/ Hardware Schedules and Network Topology

  • Installation

We work with installation teams around the globe who align with our vision in order to supply and install your solution.

  • Maintenance

We respond to service requests, dispatch technicians, manage warranty repairs, replace equipment, repair equipment, refurbish equipment, track inventory and identify valuable metrics like rate of failure, problem sites.

  • Managed Services

We monitor, configure, optimize, trouble shoot, track/restore outages, apply patches, perform updates, schedule shutdowns and administrate your systems.
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