Integrated Security Keeps

Low Income Families Safe

New York Security Solutions increased safety, streamlined equipment
maintenance, and future proofed Phipps Houses with modern security technology

When you are responsible for the financial and physical security of hundreds of low-income housing units, where residents rely not only on affordable housing, but a safe home in which to live, there is no room for even minor security glitches. Inability to view live video 24 hours a day, or doors that fail to lock result in safety risks for both residents and staff. Miriam Rubinton, Vice President, Area Manager at Phipps Houses in New York, recognized that security at her portfolio of 1800 low income housing units in New York City could be improved. Her mission was to transform these apartments into beautiful and secure residences for families who are financially challenged; her mission began with ensuring that all physical security systems operated without fail. “We have a 24/7 security office that answers calls for all of the Phipps properties. When you can’t access live video, your team and tenants are at a disadvantage. Remedying this was our top priority,” said Rubinton.

Designing a future-proof solution

When Greg Keeling, CEO of New York Security Solutions, first walked one of the properties, the Henry Phipps Plaza South complex, he immediately pinpointed issues that were impacting not only live video access, but other security risks that could potentially impact Phipps Houses. Keeling and his team tackled immediate security concerns while establishing a long-term design for a comprehensive, integrated solution that would future-proof security operations. To ensure video reliability, New York Security Solutions designed a converged network, and added additional IP cameras in high risk areas. They incorporated improved access control utilizing mobile credentials, an IP based intercom system, and advanced analytics. They also provided training for Phipps security staff so they could confidently perform initial troubleshooting of new security equipment.

Improved security, streamlined maintenance, and satisfied residents

As a result, Phipps House residents regularly provide feedback on their increased feeling of safety at Phipps Plaza South. The Phipps House security staff now spend less time overall on managing security operations, and the IT team has also been freed up to focus on nonsecurity related initiatives. “We focused on Miriam’s long-term objectives,” said Keeling. “We designed a fully integrated security operation with the right layers of modern technology, so residents are safe, and Phipps Houses is ensured a future-proof security operation.” Phipps Houses continues to award NYSSINC its business because, as Rubinton explains, “They’re a full-service, family run company that is significantly more professional and knowledgeable. They understand how fast technology changes, and they don’t lock us into things that are not easily upgraded.” “Phipps has been around for over 100 years with a mission to provide affordable housing,” says Rubinton. “We love what we do and hope to continue, expand, and improve our services for many years to come.”

“All equipment was expertly installed,the systems don’t fail, and potential problems are identified remotely. We now have eyes on everything.”

Miriam Rubinton